Events & Adventures | Single, and Choosing a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle by Beth C Goldstein

Single, and Choosing a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle by Beth C Goldstein

Single, and Choosing a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle by Beth C Goldstein

Studies show that people who are healthy and fit are not only happier, but that they lead a more fulfilling life as well.  Healthy and fit people smile more, stress less and have more energy than those of us who do not choose a lifestyle conducive to good health.

Good health is a choice.  Energy, less sickness, illness and disease are all associated with healthy choices.  There are, of course, exceptions to the rule.  I know of people who live a very “clean” lifestyle and succumb to devastating circumstances.  The odds are in our favor though, when we choose a clean diet and exercise daily, we live longer, healthier and more mobile lives.

At times, single people have an advantage to this lifestyle.  We are free to choose how we spend our time, energy and money.  We have total control over the choices that effect our lives directly.  We decide if we are going to buy lean proteins, veggies and fruits to feed ourselves.  We decide if we are going to go out for a walk, ride a bike, or hit the gym. Or, are we going to lie on the couch watching reruns of our favorite show while eating chips and ice cream.  We decide if we are going to surround ourselves with healthy, positive people or with people who drain our energy.  Making these types of everyday choices directly affect the quality of our lives.  It is what we do most often that counts.  Moderation is key to the things that we allow in our lives that are not in our best interest.  I heard a saying years ago, and it has stuck with me.  Never complain about what you permit in your life.  What are you permitting in your life? What are the circumstances that you are dealing with because of the choices that you are making?  We are in control of our choices and therefore our lives.

One way to make better choices is to gather with other people who desire the same things as you.  Events & Adventures in Nashville is a great way to meet other single people who want to be active and invest in meaningful relationships.  If you are already a member great for you.  Are you involved?  If not, get involved.  We sign new people every day.  Your best friend may be waiting to meet you and could be looking forward to that long walk together.  If you are not yet a member…….what are you waiting for, YOUR best friend, may be waiting to meet YOU, and looking forward to going on that long walk together.

Sign up for your next event or call us at 615-242-3030, we can’t wait to see you there.

Choose to make this a Healthy Day,

Beth C Goldstein