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The Secrets Out by Beth C Goldstein

The Secrets Out by Beth C Goldstein

Welcome to the time of year that can make us or sometimes even break us.  As the cooler weather approaches bringing with it warm sweaters to wear, the smell of fire places in the air, mums and pumpkins on every porch and the excitement of the holiday season beginning to swirl.  It’s just a matter of time before us singles are all caught up in the frenzy of it all.  Even if we are the ones who like our singleness, the holiday season can be a reminder that something or someone may be missing.

What’s a person to do?  Well, if you live in a city where there is an Events & Adventures you’re in luck.  Nashville is one such city.  Every day there is something to do.  One of the most special things about E&A is that you meet people just like you.  People who want to connect, make friends, and do fun things together.  Once you start making friends, your quality of life changes.  You feel happier.  You look forward to doing things.  Your whole outlook on life can change.  People who join this club go to events, meet people and start living life with these people.  It becomes your new normal.  You not only do events in the club, but you get together and share time at each other’s homes, spend holidays together, and some have even gone on vacations together.  Your new best friend just might be waiting to meet you this week.

You do not have to go through another holiday season feeling lonely, sad, or like you don’t fit in anywhere.  We’re all a couple of misfits…  (Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer)  But together we make up a club of beautiful, eclectic, fun loving, activity doing singles.

There is simply no reason why you must do this thing called life alone.  No reason at all.  That’s exactly why we exist.  We haven’t been around for over 30 years, for nothing.  Thousands of people have found the antidote to loneliness….. It’s Events & Adventures.    The secrets out!

Don’t spend another month, week or day wanting to do things, but not doing them because there is no one to do them with.  We have hundreds and hundreds of people who have already signed up expecting and wanting to meet you.

Beth C Goldstein