Events & Adventures | The Strength of the Single Person by Beth C Goldstein

The Strength of the Single Person by Beth C Goldstein

The Strength of the Single Person by Beth C Goldstein

Some singles may not look at themselves as being strong.  Some may even consider themselves to be weak, inadequate, or even worthless.  There can be such a stigma on being single.  I honestly believe that this is changing.  It is changing because people are starting to realize that quality of life is not determined by one set of standards anymore.  Quality of life is being defined by individuals instead of society telling us what makes us worthy.  What once was, no longer is.  This is true for all of life.  We are not the people of a century ago, half century or even a decade ago.  With technology changing at the rapid rate it is, it is sure to have an impact on the way that we evaluate life.

For some, being single has become a luxury.  Being single is a testament to our strength.  It is not for the faint of heart.  We have no choice but to look out for ourselves.  We have no choice but to answer the tough questions that impact our daily living.  The way we do that will determine how we view ourselves.  The quality of our lives is determined by the choices we make.  Life style decisions are supported by our daily choices.  You can tell what is important to a person by looking at their lives.  What is their constant?  What are they known for?  How are they spending the majority of their time?  Determining the quality of your life is as easy as looking at your time.  How are you spending the hours in your day?  Is there balance in your life?  Is there meaning beyond getting through the day?  Do you have connection to others?  How is your health, your joy, your energy?  Are you making an impact for the good of others, or living in a bubble of self-absorption?

Not all single people are miserable.  Not all single people want to be coupled up.  But we do want connection to others.  We want to know that we matter.  We want a community of like-minded people to do things with and to live life with.

Events & Adventures is an answer to such a need.  Go on-line today and let us show you how the quality of your life can improve.

Beth C Goldstein

Certified Life Coach for E&A