Events & Adventures | You Choose the Outcome by Beth C Goldstein

You Choose the Outcome by Beth C Goldstein

You Choose the Outcome by Beth C Goldstein

I have been with Events & Adventures for about a year now.  I have met with hundreds of people.  All kinds of people.  There are some similarities with the people that come into my office inquiring about membership.  And, there are some differences.  Here are some of the similarities and differences that I see.


People are lonely, they are sick and tired of sitting home alone night after night wanting to do things but “feel” that they have no one to do things with.

They are bored

Most want to meet someone special to have in their lives

Friendship relationships are missing from their lives

They know that Nashville has a lot to offer and they want to explore it

They LOVE all the different things we do every day of the week

They feel safe.  There is safety in numbers, and we screen every person


Some people find it harder to step out of their comfort zone

They resist the change and may stay stuck in the cycle of unhappiness and loneliness

Some people are bound by fear

Some people are so used to making excuses that they may not even realize that the answer is right in front of them

We are here to help you with all of this.  We have very special event leaders at every single event to help ease you into the process and culture of our club.  The office staff, myself included, love doing what we do, we get excited helping you to get acclimated.

The greatest success comes from the people that go into this as a new and exciting adventure with optimism.  They go to as many events as possible.  These folks have great results and get more out of the club than they ever expected.  Rich relationships.  Deep, intimate connection to a special someone.  A new and exciting lease on life.  Discovering their city of Nashville and all the culture, music, TPAC, and parks that it has to offer.  I hear over and over, thank you, this is the best thing that I have done for myself.  I am so glad I did this.  The most common response that I hear is, having something on my schedule to look forward to is what makes the biggest difference in my life.  It’s the difference between sadness and loneliness to excitement and fun.

Like anything else, you will get out of Events & Adventures what you put into it.  What YOU have to put into it, is time.  Go to the events and you are sure to meet your people.  Your tribe!  Your special someone may just be at the next event you attend.

Events & adventures, the answer you’ve been looking for.

Beth C Goldstein

Certified Life Coach for E&A