Events & Adventures | The One Sure Thing in Life is Change by Beth C Goldstein

The One Sure Thing in Life is Change by Beth C Goldstein

The One Sure Thing in Life is Change by Beth C Goldstein

Everything always changes.  Sometimes we stay stuck in situations because we are afraid of the unknown.  Our situations can change by getting worse.  We become lonelier, more isolated and sadder.  We sit in day after day, TV show after TV show, and lonely night after lonely night.

But we can choose to make a change for the better.  Choosing to face the fear of change with boldness and telling the fear to get lost.  Stepping out despite our feelings.

If change is inevitable then why not choose change that will enrich your life.  Choose change that will open doors bringing new people and exciting things to do.  Choose change that includes growth, excitement, and new relationships.  Don’t stay in another day wishing for things to do and for someone to do them with.  Turn the TV off.  Get yourself ready.  And make new friends.

Most people have a little anxiety when walking into a room of strangers.  That is why we put friendly, out-going Event Leaders at every event.  Events & Adventures has been doing this for 32 plus years.  It makes sense that people have met their spouses here.  When you put single people in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment love happens.  We have thousands of marriages as a result of E&A membership.  Best friends, buddies, and people that you live life with are all possible.  With just one positive change you can make a significant difference in your life.

Every member has been the “NEW” person.  We make it as comfortable for you as we can by being, warm, welcoming, and open.

Come join us and choose to make the next change in your life one that is rewarding, fun, and brings you the happiness that you have been wanting.