Events & Adventures | Must Know Dating Terms for 2020 by Kim McKeown

Must Know Dating Terms for 2020 by Kim McKeown

Must Know Dating Terms for 2020 by Kim McKeown

In 2019 we heard terms like ‘catfishing’ and ‘ghosted’ but have you heard these trending terms associated with dating in 2020?  Read on through for a list of our top nine.


Ever spend time getting ready for a date only to have the other person cancel or reschedule at the last minute?  Sorry, you were Glamboozled!


Don’t get us wrong, Meyers-Briggs is a great tool, but now there’s a term for those who choose to date based on this or other similar personality tests.  Yep, you guessed it, we’re gonna call this Type-Casting.


Cause-Playing happens when a casual relationship naturally fizzles out and the other person keeps popping back up asking for favors.  No, I don’t want to come to your bands gig tomorrow.  And no, I don’t want to contribute to your Go-Fund-Me.

Yellow Carding

Being rude to the server, constantly checking their phone, using inappropriate language… have you witnessed these or other similar behaviors on a date? Did you call that other human out? This is Yellow-Carding and twenty-seven percent of singles have had the courage to confront a dates bad behavior.


Ever give out your number to someone only to ignore their calls when they reach out? Thirty-five percent of singles admit to doing this to someone and sixty percent of singles surveyed say they have experienced Dial-Toning.


You know those folks who seem to be chameleons?  It seems they are always adapting the same interests and hobbies as their mates?  It is termed Eclipsing and forty-five percent of singles admit to doing this.


Your date spends the entire evening talking about themselves without allowing you to get a word in edgewise.  Does this sound familiar?  You have been Kanye’d.

White Clawing

White Clawing is the act of staying with someone who is both basic and boring because they happen to be beautiful.

And last but not least, our personal favorite…


Okay folks, we have two distinct types of fleabaggers here.  We have those who hop back and forth between multiple horrid people, and we have the ones who go back to the same terrible person over and over.  Either way, these folks are bad.  Like really yucky bad people.  Like a dog, a Fleabagger collects fleas.

And lastly, if you’re not sure how to meet people face-to-face these days…

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