Events & Adventures | Dating During a Pandemic by Mindy McKeown

Dating During a Pandemic by Mindy McKeown

Dating During a Pandemic by Mindy McKeown

Should we continue to date during a pandemic?

The short answer is YES. As humans, we are designed for partnership and community. We are social beings. But how can we connect and date during a pandemic?

Dating during a pandemic may look a little different, but it is possible, and some may even argue that it’s actually a GREAT time to be dating. Why? Because with sex and money off the table, people have time to talk and make real connections. We can spend more time getting to know each other before we have that first date. So, by the time you DO meet face to face, you already have a certain level of comfort and connection. In a way, we’re forced to dig deeper, go past that surface level attraction and  get back to the way dating used to be, when people courted each other for months before they got physical, and everything just felt a bit more romantic.

At E&A, we have been doing virtual events throughout the entire pandemic and we will continue to keep those on the calendar even though we are now having face to face events as well. If you live a little farther out or you have had a long day at work, you can log in and connect with us virtually from the comfort of your home. And who knows… you may just meet the love of your life during a global pandemic.

What a love story that would be for the grand kids!

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