Events & Adventures | Self-Discovery, In Being Single by Beth C Goldstein

Self-Discovery, In Being Single by Beth C Goldstein

Self-Discovery, In Being Single by Beth C Goldstein

When I was younger, I was NEVER single.  I started dating my future husband at 15.  We were together until I was 34.  After the divorce, I started dating multiple guys, one after another.  I rushed into one unhealthy relationships after another, just to be in a relationship.  It’s all I knew.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I liked or didn’t like in a partner.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I liked or didn’t like about myself.  That was a long time ago.  Things have changed drastically in my life.  I am single and I am LOVING it.  Who knew that being single could be so freeing.  So peaceful.  It was in 2015 that I put the brakes on dating.  I decided that I was going to ‘date’ myself.  I was going to get to know me.  An unexpected thing happened, I fell in love.  I fell in love with me.  I decided that I would be intentional.  Intentional about listening to what people said about me.  What I heard didn’t resonate right away.  It took some time to believe the descriptive words that I was hearing.  I heard that I was strong.  I heard that I was a great friend.  People said that I was loyal, fun, and sensitive.  I discovered that I was appreciated, I was valued, and that I mattered.  I am loved and I love people for who they are now.  I am more present with people.  I take my time and listen.  I’ve also learned how to share in a genuine and authentic way.

I made some of the closest friends that I have ever had.  I have belly laughed without regard.  I learned how to allow myself to be vulnerable without fear.  Fear of being left.  Fear of being lonely.  Fear of being crushed beyond repair.  What I found is that I am quite capable of taking care of Beth.

I discovered that I LOVE being alone.  I delight in having quiet time.  Reading, meditating, and yoga are all things that gave me insight into who I am.  I love happy people who like to laugh, are active, and enjoy being outdoors.  Cooking for my friends and family is a way that I show love.  I love trying new things.  Since 2015 I have gone skydiving and white water rafting.  I did a Warrior Dash and traveled to hike new mountains!

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