Events & Adventures | Great Night Out with Friends at The Candle Bar

Great Night Out with Friends at The Candle Bar

Great Night Out with Friends at The Candle Bar

Events & Adventures is melting over The Candle Bar! If you haven’t heard about this awesome new spot off of Sidco Drive, let us tell you all about it.

We were invited to personalize our favorite fragrance combinations and then jazz it up with a customized container for a truly unique experience. There are 40 different fragrance options to choose from and blend together to create something all your own – it is so much fun!

The entire candle making process took 30-40 minutes, and we were guided step by step how to mix, pour and customize. The candles then need to cool for 3 hours or so before they are ready burn.

The best part? It’s BYOB! We made it a very social night out and brought in food, sodas, wines and spirits for a fun get to know you experience.

At Events & Adventures, we love trying new things. If there is a new spot that has something new and exciting to try, you can bet we will be there to test it out. Our single members never tire of trying new things, like axe throwing classes, creating our own aromatherapy essential oils, playing Topgolf, fencing and partaking in sake tastings and wine and chocolate demos. Let us show you why being single is such a great thing!

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