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E&A Tries Goat Yoga

E&A Tries Goat Yoga

Yes, folks. You heard that right – we did indeed try goat yoga recently!

We wrangled up our crew and headed out to Shenanigoats’ new studio in Madison, TN to partake in the latest craze to sweep through Nashville. We were greeted by some fabulous goats, including the popular Miles who has his own Instagram handle – @IAmMilesTheGoat!

Did you know that goats eat 75% of their body weight daily? They sure do! The goats at Shenanigoats tromped around and ate leaves and such that were left out for them. They let us pet them and some even snuggled right up to our members! It was cuteness overload, for sure.

Our instructor, Lori, was awesome. Yes, you actually do yoga. We moved through the different poses and she provided modifications for us newbies. The goats randomly decided to jump on us as we moved from planks to down dogs and the various warrior poses. It was quite comical and we all really enjoyed the experience.

We ended class in a group circle where the goats ran across our backs continuously. They will do anything for some food!

We had some great photo ops with the goats and thoroughly enjoyed the class. All in all, we say you should try goat yoga!

You can find out more about Shenanigoats Yoga by visiting their Facebook Page:

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