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Everything always changes.  Sometimes we stay stuck in situations because we are afraid of the unknown.  Our situations can change by getting worse.  We become lonelier, more isolated and sadder.  We sit in day after day, TV show after TV show, and lonely night after lonely night.

But we can choose to make a change for the better.  Choosing to face the fear of change with boldness and telling the fear to get lost.  Stepping out despite our feelings.

If change is inevitable then why not choose change that will enrich your life.  Choose change that will open doors bringing new people and exciting things to do.  Choose change that includes growth, excitement, and new relationships.  Don’t stay in another day wishing for things to do and for someone to do them with.  Turn the TV off.  Get yourself ready.  And make new friends.

Most people have a little anxiety when walking into a room of strangers.  That is why we put friendly, out-going Event Leaders at every event.  Events & Adventures has been doing this for 32 plus years.  It makes sense that people have met their spouses here.  When you put single people in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment love happens.  We have thousands of marriages as a result of E&A membership.  Best friends, buddies, and people that you live life with are all possible.  With just one positive change you can make a significant difference in your life.

Every member has been the “NEW” person.  We make it as comfortable for you as we can by being, warm, welcoming, and open.

Come join us and choose to make the next change in your life one that is rewarding, fun, and brings you the happiness that you have been wanting.

I have been with Events & Adventures for about a year now.  I have met with hundreds of people.  All kinds of people.  There are some similarities with the people that come into my office inquiring about membership.  And, there are some differences.  Here are some of the similarities and differences that I see.


People are lonely, they are sick and tired of sitting home alone night after night wanting to do things but “feel” that they have no one to do things with.

They are bored

Most want to meet someone special to have in their lives

Friendship relationships are missing from their lives

They know that Nashville has a lot to offer and they want to explore it

They LOVE all the different things we do every day of the week

They feel safe.  There is safety in numbers, and we screen every person


Some people find it harder to step out of their comfort zone

They resist the change and may stay stuck in the cycle of unhappiness and loneliness

Some people are bound by fear

Some people are so used to making excuses that they may not even realize that the answer is right in front of them

We are here to help you with all of this.  We have very special event leaders at every single event to help ease you into the process and culture of our club.  The office staff, myself included, love doing what we do, we get excited helping you to get acclimated.

The greatest success comes from the people that go into this as a new and exciting adventure with optimism.  They go to as many events as possible.  These folks have great results and get more out of the club than they ever expected.  Rich relationships.  Deep, intimate connection to a special someone.  A new and exciting lease on life.  Discovering their city of Nashville and all the culture, music, TPAC, and parks that it has to offer.  I hear over and over, thank you, this is the best thing that I have done for myself.  I am so glad I did this.  The most common response that I hear is, having something on my schedule to look forward to is what makes the biggest difference in my life.  It’s the difference between sadness and loneliness to excitement and fun.

Like anything else, you will get out of Events & Adventures what you put into it.  What YOU have to put into it, is time.  Go to the events and you are sure to meet your people.  Your tribe!  Your special someone may just be at the next event you attend.

Events & adventures, the answer you’ve been looking for.

Beth C Goldstein

Certified Life Coach for E&A

Some singles may not look at themselves as being strong.  Some may even consider themselves to be weak, inadequate, or even worthless.  There can be such a stigma on being single.  I honestly believe that this is changing.  It is changing because people are starting to realize that quality of life is not determined by one set of standards anymore.  Quality of life is being defined by individuals instead of society telling us what makes us worthy.  What once was, no longer is.  This is true for all of life.  We are not the people of a century ago, half century or even a decade ago.  With technology changing at the rapid rate it is, it is sure to have an impact on the way that we evaluate life.

For some, being single has become a luxury.  Being single is a testament to our strength.  It is not for the faint of heart.  We have no choice but to look out for ourselves.  We have no choice but to answer the tough questions that impact our daily living.  The way we do that will determine how we view ourselves.  The quality of our lives is determined by the choices we make.  Life style decisions are supported by our daily choices.  You can tell what is important to a person by looking at their lives.  What is their constant?  What are they known for?  How are they spending the majority of their time?  Determining the quality of your life is as easy as looking at your time.  How are you spending the hours in your day?  Is there balance in your life?  Is there meaning beyond getting through the day?  Do you have connection to others?  How is your health, your joy, your energy?  Are you making an impact for the good of others, or living in a bubble of self-absorption?

Not all single people are miserable.  Not all single people want to be coupled up.  But we do want connection to others.  We want to know that we matter.  We want a community of like-minded people to do things with and to live life with.

Events & Adventures is an answer to such a need.  Go on-line today and let us show you how the quality of your life can improve.

Beth C Goldstein

Certified Life Coach for E&A

How often do you find yourself feeling bored?  Lonely?  Sad?  Antsy?  All to often we let ourselves stay in a cycle of unfulfillment.  It might be out of not knowing what to do.  It might be out of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear has been the culprit of many lonely nights.  We want to do things, we may just feel like we have no one to do them with.

That’s where Events & Adventures comes in.  We plan a different event every day of the week.  There is something for everyone.  I tell everyone….absolutely do the things that you would naturally gravitate towards, but also, step out of your comfort zone.  Try something new.  You are going to meet a whole new group of people, that you may not have met otherwise.  You may even surprise yourself…. There may actually be some things that you really enjoy doing.

If you are newly single, single and new in town, or just so busy that you haven’t had time to focus on your social life, Events & Adventures will make a significant difference in your life.  They say the first sign of insanity, is to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.  Let us be the answer to your desire to get out and do fun things while meeting fun people.  Break the cycle, right here, right now!  *Your job is to say YES to everything.  You can’t afford to say no to anything.  Once you start saying YES, your situation, your circumstances, and your life will all change.

*of course, that is, if it is safe, affordable, and within reason.

Beth C Goldstein



Welcome to the time of year that can make us or sometimes even break us.  As the cooler weather approaches bringing with it warm sweaters to wear, the smell of fire places in the air, mums and pumpkins on every porch and the excitement of the holiday season beginning to swirl.  It’s just a matter of time before us singles are all caught up in the frenzy of it all.  Even if we are the ones who like our singleness, the holiday season can be a reminder that something or someone may be missing.

What’s a person to do?  Well, if you live in a city where there is an Events & Adventures you’re in luck.  Nashville is one such city.  Every day there is something to do.  One of the most special things about E&A is that you meet people just like you.  People who want to connect, make friends, and do fun things together.  Once you start making friends, your quality of life changes.  You feel happier.  You look forward to doing things.  Your whole outlook on life can change.  People who join this club go to events, meet people and start living life with these people.  It becomes your new normal.  You not only do events in the club, but you get together and share time at each other’s homes, spend holidays together, and some have even gone on vacations together.  Your new best friend just might be waiting to meet you this week.

You do not have to go through another holiday season feeling lonely, sad, or like you don’t fit in anywhere.  We’re all a couple of misfits…  (Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer)  But together we make up a club of beautiful, eclectic, fun loving, activity doing singles.

There is simply no reason why you must do this thing called life alone.  No reason at all.  That’s exactly why we exist.  We haven’t been around for over 30 years, for nothing.  Thousands of people have found the antidote to loneliness….. It’s Events & Adventures.    The secrets out!

Don’t spend another month, week or day wanting to do things, but not doing them because there is no one to do them with.  We have hundreds and hundreds of people who have already signed up expecting and wanting to meet you.

Beth C Goldstein



Studies show that people who are healthy and fit are not only happier, but that they lead a more fulfilling life as well.  Healthy and fit people smile more, stress less and have more energy than those of us who do not choose a lifestyle conducive to good health.

Good health is a choice.  Energy, less sickness, illness and disease are all associated with healthy choices.  There are, of course, exceptions to the rule.  I know of people who live a very “clean” lifestyle and succumb to devastating circumstances.  The odds are in our favor though, when we choose a clean diet and exercise daily, we live longer, healthier and more mobile lives.

At times, single people have an advantage to this lifestyle.  We are free to choose how we spend our time, energy and money.  We have total control over the choices that effect our lives directly.  We decide if we are going to buy lean proteins, veggies and fruits to feed ourselves.  We decide if we are going to go out for a walk, ride a bike, or hit the gym. Or, are we going to lie on the couch watching reruns of our favorite show while eating chips and ice cream.  We decide if we are going to surround ourselves with healthy, positive people or with people who drain our energy.  Making these types of everyday choices directly affect the quality of our lives.  It is what we do most often that counts.  Moderation is key to the things that we allow in our lives that are not in our best interest.  I heard a saying years ago, and it has stuck with me.  Never complain about what you permit in your life.  What are you permitting in your life? What are the circumstances that you are dealing with because of the choices that you are making?  We are in control of our choices and therefore our lives.

One way to make better choices is to gather with other people who desire the same things as you.  Events & Adventures in Nashville is a great way to meet other single people who want to be active and invest in meaningful relationships.  If you are already a member great for you.  Are you involved?  If not, get involved.  We sign new people every day.  Your best friend may be waiting to meet you and could be looking forward to that long walk together.  If you are not yet a member…….what are you waiting for, YOUR best friend, may be waiting to meet YOU, and looking forward to going on that long walk together.

Sign up for your next event or call us at 615-242-3030, we can’t wait to see you there.

Choose to make this a Healthy Day,

Beth C Goldstein




We are finding that being single, is the new Black! Meaning, it’s the new ‘IN” thing. There has never been a time in history that we have had more single people. And, get this…..we’re happy about it, and we’re loving it!!

Single people are embracing the benefits of singleness. We are loving the fact that we come and go as we please. We like that we eat what we want, when we want and how we want. For instance, I can eat fish and Brussel sprouts 6 times in a 4-day period, and no one will criticize me or complain that we eat the same thing over an over again. Or, I can have dark cherry chocolate ice cream for dinner… bed…… watching nothing at all, reading a book, or binging on Greys Anatomy….. yes again! I can work over time, I can work-out, I can stop for dinner with my friends and not worry that someone is waiting for me to take care of them.

There are of course those who will say, “don’t you get lonely”? Well, sure. Sometimes. To be very honest, I was lonelier when I was married. There is something about being with someone and not having your needs and expectations met that puts a whole new twist on loneliness. My times of being single and lonely is so few and far between, that I’ve grown fond of the balance of being single and being lonely. When compared to the down side of my marriage, being single and a few occasional lonely times, is a walk in the park. A very beautiful, bright, sunny, happy place park.

It all changed when I changed my perception of singleness. You see, growing up I was shown by example, that being single was the worst curse one could have fall upon them. No one ever, in their right mind would choose to be single. My circle of influence accepted abusive, unhealthy relationships at the cost of being the death dreaded alone! Once I looked at it from a healthy, more realistic perspective, I was in awe of the many, many benefits of singlehood. More and more people everyday are embracing the fact that we love being single.

Statistics show us that: According to the US Census Bureau in 2017

Single Life

110.6 million The number of unmarried people in America age 18 and older in 2016. This group made up 45.2 percent of all U.S. residents age 18 and older.

63.5% The percentage of unmarried U.S. residents age 18 and older in 2016 who had never been married. Another 23.1 percent were divorced, and 13.4 percent were widowed.

88 The number of unmarried men age 18 and older for every 100 unmarried women in the United States in 2016.

These are staggering statistics. Especially considering it is in favor of singleness. Studies are showing that singles are not only happier, they are also healthier.

As singles we LOVE to meet new people and do fun things. At Events & Adventures ALL the planning is done for us. All we do is show up, meet with friends and have a great time.   There are always people who are waiting to meet YOU!

Sign up for your next event or call us at 615-242-3030, we can’t wait to see you there.


When I was younger, I was NEVER single.  I started dating my future husband at 15.  We were together until I was 34.  After the divorce, I started dating multiple guys, one after another.  I rushed into one unhealthy relationships after another, just to be in a relationship.  It’s all I knew.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I liked or didn’t like in a partner.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I liked or didn’t like about myself.  That was a long time ago.  Things have changed drastically in my life.  I am single and I am LOVING it.  Who knew that being single could be so freeing.  So peaceful.  It was in 2015 that I put the brakes on dating.  I decided that I was going to ‘date’ myself.  I was going to get to know me.  An unexpected thing happened, I fell in love.  I fell in love with me.  I decided that I would be intentional.  Intentional about listening to what people said about me.  What I heard didn’t resonate right away.  It took some time to believe the descriptive words that I was hearing.  I heard that I was strong.  I heard that I was a great friend.  People said that I was loyal, fun, and sensitive.  I discovered that I was appreciated, I was valued, and that I mattered.  I am loved and I love people for who they are now.  I am more present with people.  I take my time and listen.  I’ve also learned how to share in a genuine and authentic way.

I made some of the closest friends that I have ever had.  I have belly laughed without regard.  I learned how to allow myself to be vulnerable without fear.  Fear of being left.  Fear of being lonely.  Fear of being crushed beyond repair.  What I found is that I am quite capable of taking care of Beth.

I discovered that I LOVE being alone.  I delight in having quiet time.  Reading, meditating, and yoga are all things that gave me insight into who I am.  I love happy people who like to laugh, are active, and enjoy being outdoors.  Cooking for my friends and family is a way that I show love.  I love trying new things.  Since 2015 I have gone skydiving and white water rafting.  I did a Warrior Dash and traveled to hike new mountains!

Events & Adventures plans fun and exciting activities.  They create an environment that makes it comfortable to meet friends.  You benefit with a variety of activities to try and cost saving group deals.  And, you meet the most amazing people who are waiting to meet YOU!

Go to the calendar and sign up for your next event or call us at 615-242-3030, we can’t wait to see you there.


Are you single in Nashville and looking to get out with other singles to take in some beautiful scenery while getting a bit of exercise? Well, look no further! We do a hike somewhere every single month with our members!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite trails to tackle that aren’t too far a schlep from Music City proper.

  1. Couchville Lake Trail at Long Hunter State Park: This 2.1 mile trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Lake, woods, and tree lovers will appreciate the Couchville Lake Arboretum, which borders the trail. Wildlife lovers will like it too, as they may see deer and water birds here. A 300-foot wooden bridge crosses the lake and affords great photo ops. Many short out-and-back paths lead to the lake’s edge and several ponds that border the trail.
  2. The Trails at Fontanel: Three miles of wooded trails wind through a forested setting of the historic Whites Creek Valley offering a quiet, serene escape for enjoying nature. These trails are dog friendly, with sensory points installed by MARS Petcare along the way. The trailhead begins across from the Woods at Fontanel Music Venue and extend up and over the ridge behind the Fontanel Mansion and back down by the Woods at Fontanel VIP seating area. The trails also connect to a mile of paved Metro Parks Greenway for foot and bike traffic with plans to expand even further.
  3. Edwin Warner Park Geology Trail: This 2.3-mile trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The Geology Trail combines portions of the Little Acorn, Nature Loop, and Harpeth Woods Trails so you can experience the best of Edwin Warner Park. A bridge behind the nature center leads to woods filled with a variety of hardwood trees, and another bridge over Vaughn’s Creek offers good photo ops. Climb up the limestone outcrops to the high point of the hike, an abandoned quarry that is the turnaround point.
  4. Richland Creek Greenway: The Richland Creek Greenway is a multi-use trail that connects the neighborhoods of Sylvan Park and Cherokee Park with the shopping centers, entertainment areas and schools along White Bridge Pike via three access spurs. The greenway makes nearly a complete loop around McCabe Park, and a 1-mile portion of it follows the railroad tracks between White Bridge Pike and Cherokee Road. Rail history buffs will want to stop at the White Bridge Road trailhead, where there is a historical marker for Dutchman’s Curve, the site of the Great Train Wreck of 1918, one of the worst rail accidents in the county’s history.
  5. Shelby Bottoms Greenway: The Shelby Bottoms Greenway is a multi-use trail that runs along the Cumberland River in East Hill section of Nashville. Numerous unpaved trails loop through the forest and open spaces throughout the Shelby Bottoms area. The main trail is 4.5 miles, one way, while additional spur trails increase the mileage to 6.4. The primitive trails add another 6 miles to the trail system within Shelby Bottoms.
  6. Hendersonville’s Warrior Trail: Also great for biking! The Warrior Bike Trail is located on Saundersville Road in Hendersonville near Hobby Lobby. There is an estimated 1.5 miles of trails that can be accessed by people of all ages.
  7. Barfield Wilderness Loop Trail in Murfreesboro: Barfield Wilderness Loop Trail is a 4.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Murfreesboro, Tennessee that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers several activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.
  8. Fiery Gizzard Trail: The Fiery Gizzard Trail is a 12.5-mile-long one-way trail that connects the Grundy Forest and Foster Falls. Hikers may observe nature, swim in Fiery Gizzard Creek, see spectacular rock formations, cascading streams, waterfalls, rocky gorges, panoramic overlooks and lush woodlands. This trail has been rated by Backpacker magazine as one of the Top 25 in the country and should not be missed!
  9. Stones River Greenway at Percy Priest Dam: The Stones River Greenway is a multi-use trail that runs from the Cumberland River to the J. Percy Priest Reservoir at Nashville Shores. Much of the trail runs parallel to Stones River and provides access to several communities and parks along the way, including the skate park at Two Rivers Park. The Stones River Greenway also connects to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway at the Cumberland River by the dam.
  10. The Garrison Creek trailhead at Natchez Trace Parkway: This is a moderate hike. Dogs on leashes are welcome! This forest trail is 1.6 miles, and we recommend taking advantage of this hike in the fall fully appreciate the beautiful changing leaves.

The above is just a taste of the hikes we love, and we are always adding new trails! We would love for you to join us!

Make sure to check out our calendar of upcoming events at or call us at 615-242-3030.

Events & Adventures is melting over The Candle Bar! If you haven’t heard about this awesome new spot off of Sidco Drive, let us tell you all about it.

We were invited to personalize our favorite fragrance combinations and then jazz it up with a customized container for a truly unique experience. There are 40 different fragrance options to choose from and blend together to create something all your own – it is so much fun!

The entire candle making process took 30-40 minutes, and we were guided step by step how to mix, pour and customize. The candles then need to cool for 3 hours or so before they are ready burn.

The best part? It’s BYOB! We made it a very social night out and brought in food, sodas, wines and spirits for a fun get to know you experience.

At Events & Adventures, we love trying new things. If there is a new spot that has something new and exciting to try, you can bet we will be there to test it out. Our single members never tire of trying new things, like axe throwing classes, creating our own aromatherapy essential oils, playing Topgolf, fencing and partaking in sake tastings and wine and chocolate demos. Let us show you why being single is such a great thing!

Make sure to check out our calendar of upcoming events at or call us at 615-242-3030.